vetim4, 59
United States, Florida
I am simple man who does not pretend to be somebody else. I am who I am and not perfect as every person on this word.
Singlesoul0, 33
United States, Virginia
I love learning from other people. i will tell you anything about me. I'm laid back and accepting jeans and a tee shirt are most comfty to me. I'm very confident, Funny, and outgoing. I'm also very sociable. I could talk to anyone and enjoy...
satynelle, 48
United States, Florida
j'aimerais juste rencontrer un homme sincère et le reste on laisse l'avenir s'en charger. Let's decide our future together
teresalo..., 40
United States, Wisconsin
I am Teresa, a loving , caring, sincerely and Open mind woman and i am God fearing woman and i am serious and devoted and dedicated woman and i am looking for a serious man to love and share my world and my everything with , and i am a Nurse...
Miah61, 58
United States, Pennsylvania
I have a husband and 3kids,but I want to have an adventure with someone.
smilingyou, 35
United States, Washington
Snuggling with me on a Sunday morning - there is nothing better. Perhaps I will whisper in your ear what a terrific man you are and we will laugh and wrestle and then get up to enjoy yet another beautiful day. If this scenario interests you,...
CaryUs, 48
United States, Missouri
I would like to meet someone to fall in love with be happy have fun and grow old with , am not looking for just sex. So if you can do it,I am the one for you.hmm.. a man, who knows what he's doing.. has a sense of humor, can take a joke, can dish...
betty1979, 40
United States, Tennessee
I will like to correspond with somebody who is dedicated to be special,love and understanding whom i will cherish and love for rest of life, from any part of the world or religion.
AshleyS, 38
United States, New Jersey
I was let down and betrayed by men many times. Men are scared of smart strong women with deep!
Jennifr, 48
United States, Georgia
I m somewhat open-minded women, I enjoy life and I'd like to get aquainted with a compassionate man.
Nigelga, 31
United States, American Samoa
Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
Jeromea, 37
United States, Palau
Use your crystal goblets. Do not save your best perfume, and use it every time you feel you want it.
Tiffuci, 37
United States, Louisiana
Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.
Joannesu, 37
United States, Federated States of Micronesia
Since the first time I saw you,I felt something inside,I don′t know if it′s love at first sight
azalin, 36
United States, Louisiana
  a dress is like a barbed fence. it protects the premises without restricting the view.